Streamlining Operations for European Manufacturing SMB (Germany)

European Manufacturing

Client: Schmidt Maschinenbau, a German manufacturer of industrial machinery.

Challenge: Schmidt faced inefficiencies due to outdated software and manual processes, hindering production and sales.

Solution: ITech Devices implemented:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system: Automated workflows and optimized inventory management.
  • Custom CRM software: Improved customer relationship management and sales tracking.
  • Data analytics tools: Provided insights for data-driven decision making.


  • Increased production efficiency by 15%.
  • Reduced lead times by 20%, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Gained valuable insights for product development and marketing.

Quote: “ITech Devices helped us modernize our operations and gain a competitive edge. We now operate with greater efficiency and clarity.” – [Hans Schmidt, Director, Schmidt Maschinenbau]


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